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Skin Care
  • Face
    DIY Face and Hair Masks

    Do you want to refresh and brighten your skin and moisturize and shine your hair for all of your upcoming holiday parties? But you also don’t want to use any harsh ingredients or chemicals? We’ve got you! Here are some DIY face and hair masks that you can make from

  • How to Wash Your Hair Less Without Feeling Gross
    Ease Dry Skin Fast This Winter

    If you have dry skin, winter is probably not your favorite season. Winter and dry air can cause dry skin and even cause the skin to be itchy and flaky. Here are some ways to soothe and prevent dry skin this winter: Forget the hot showers. When it is reaching

Hair Care
  • Hair Care
    Bounce from Winter to Spring Easily with these Hair Care Tips

    As we move from Winter to Spring, your hair care routine should change with the seasons. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to have the best hair as the weather warms up: If the weather becomes rainy often, you’ll want to be prepared. A polished bun can

  • Hair Concerns
    How to Get Rid of Dry Hair and Hair Static

    Winter is coming quickly. Do you know what that means for your hair? It can become dry, brittle and full of static electricity. Not exactly how you want your hair to look at the many holiday parties you plan to attend. So here are some tips on combating dry hair

Make Up
  • Eyes
    Tips for the Best Brows

    You’ve probably at some point googled something related to your brows. Maybe you wanted them smaller or bigger or wanted help on how to tweeze them or fill them in. Your brows can actually change the whole look of your face, so you naturally want the best brows you can

  • Reasons Why Your Eyes Are So Puffy – And How to Fix Them
    Reasons Why Your Eyes Are So Puffy – And How to Fix Them

    Are your eyes puffy? The good news is that chances are it isn’t anything serious. The bad news is that it can make you feel down about yourself. Here are some common reasons for eye puffiness and how to calm it down so your eyes look and feel normal again:

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