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Skin Care
  • Body
    Natural Skin Care Ingredients to Change Your Skin

    Your skin is your largest organ, so you need to take care of it! Your skin absorbs whatever you put on it very quickly, so if you use a lot of chemical filled products, your skin will absorb those chemicals and they could have long-term health hazards. Check out some

  • Face
    How to Treat Hormonal Acne

    Have you recently started breaking out? If you have, you might be upset because you thought the days of acne were left behind in high school. But it could be your hormones, especially if you are experiencing other PMS issues or only breaking out around your period. If you see

Hair Care
  • Featured
    Let’s get it straight: Blow-drying versus ironing

    There's got to be a healthier way to get the sleek, straight locks you desire. Fortunately, there is a difference between flat-ironing and blow-drying your hair straight, at least when it comes to how good it is for your hair. Read on if you're trying to decide which method is best for your tresses.

  • Hair Care
    Beach Day or Poolside Makeup and Hair Ideas

    Ahh, summer. We all can’t wait for beach days or days sitting by the pool. However, swimming all day can be the worst thing if you want to look and feel cute all day long. So how do you do your hair and makeup when you want to feel pretty

Make Up
  • Diet
    Should You eliminate Sugar + How to Deal with Common Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

    It’s no surprise that each day we are learning more and more about the harmful and positive effects certain foods have on our bodies. One ingredient that is certainly hard on your body and hard to eliminate, is sugar. Maybe you understand a little bit and have given up your

  • Featured
    Essential Oils You Need This Summer

    Essential oils have a range of physical and emotional benefits. You can use essential oils in many different ways for many different issues. Diffusing or inhaling essential oils is an easy and effective way to get benefits, but you can also apply some topically or even ingest some oils if

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