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Skip the jog and hit the mat

If going to the gym and throwing on sneakers every day is getting old, try incorporating yoga into your exercise routine. Yoga offers a lot more than just a good stretch (which you probably need too!). Practicing yoga can bring new physical, emotional and mental benefits to your daily life.

Go big, bold and colorful!

When it comes to eye makeup, don’t shy away from brilliant hues – go bold and beautiful with bursts of color. Doing so can immediately draw attention to your peepers and create a look worthy of any runway.

How to prevent those chapped winter lips

No woman likes the idea of walking around town with not-so-luscious lips. Unfortunately, a simple case of chapped lips can quickly turn into a cracked and bleeding pout. To keep your pucker smooth and healthy during those harsh winter months, try and follow a few or all of these simple tips.

Tread safely: Avoiding injury on the treadmill

Working out on a treadmill offers some really great benefits. You’ll burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health and stay fit. However, as much as a long run can feel fantastic, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t cause you harm. Prevent an injury by implementing these common safety tips.

Thin Is In: Yes, Even For Your Hair

There’s nothing fun about battling your locks. Women with straight hair want curly locks and those with curly hair want it straight. Without a head transplant it isn't going to happen. So, finding a hairstyle that accentuates and makes the most of what nature has given you is the next plan of attack, right?

Keeping a post-holiday waistline at bay

The holidays have come and gone and graced more than a few of us with an extra pound or two hidden somewhere on our bodies. Should we be surprised? If you’re trying to shed some weight after living it up these past few months, there are a few easy tricks to keep in mind.

Trend alert – bright, unforgettable lips!

The results are in – head-turning lipstick is back and better than ever. Of course, this beauty trend demands your lips to go big and bold or go home. Color is the name of the game and this season any bright hue will do as long as you feel confident rocking the shade.