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About those stretch marks…

If you experienced a growth spurt at some point in your life, lost a lot of weight or gave birth to a child, you might find you have some stretch marks. What exactly are they and more importantly, how can you get rid of them?

Stretch marks occur when your skin can’t quite keep up with your body as it goes through drastic changes, resulting in red or purplish stretch marks.

If you’ve got ’em, don’t fret. Just about everybody has a few. In most cases, time will heal them – if you wait, they might go from red and noticeable to silvery, faint and barely-there. If you don’t quite have that kind of patience or if your marks are stubborn, you may be able to speed up the process with over-the-counter scar medications or specialized products like Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion, designed to lessen the appearance of blemishes and marks.

But the best thing you can do about your stretch marks is try and accept them. They’re common in both men and women, they fade over time and chances are no one else even notices they are there.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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