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Accentuate your lovely cheekbones

Follow these tips to highlight your cheekbones. The technique is called contouring. The natural lines created by the structure of your skull create contours on your face. The makeup technique of contouring is to bring attention to these naturally attractive contours by putting neutral makeup around them, not directly on them. You can contour your nose, eyes and cheekbones. This article will specifically discuss contouring your cheekbones.

One of the things you need is a big, fluffy, angled, blush brush. It doesn’t really matter what kind as long as it is angled. The angled portion allows you to better control the end lines where you will be putting the makeup, they are more precise.

The makeup you will be using is a matte, medium brown blush. It should be two shades darker than your skin tone. Take your angled brush and get some blush on it. Give it a tap on the back of your hand to shake off the access. You are going to apply it right under your cheekbone.

One way to find the exact right place is to make a fish face. Remember when you were a kid and you sucked in your cheeks to make your lips look like fish lips. Well that’s the same technique to use, suck in your cheeks and your cheekbones become more prominent and easier to see. You can even feel the natural line in your skull by placing your fingers on your upper jaw at about the middle of your ear. The cheekbone starts here. Follow it down all the way to the most prominent part near your nose. That is the line you want to accentuate.

Do not apply the blush directly on the cheekbone or above the cheekbone, contour the features your cheekbone applying the blush below it. It should go at an angle on your face from near the middle of your ear to just before the big cushiony part of your cheekbone. You bring attention to your cheekbones not by putting blush on them but under them along the natural contours of your face. This also has a slimming effect to the face.

Now use small circular motions to blend the edges of the makeup in. You do not want any harsh, distinct lines. Also you do not want to put too much blush on here. It needs to look natural. It is better not to show people you are trying to contour.

Before you move onto the next cheekbone, have a look in the mirror. You will notice the contoured cheek accentuates the cheekbone, it is almost a slight shadow from a perfectly placed light that highlights the natural contour of your face at the cheekbone. The other cheek will look flat and there will be less attention brought to your lovely cheekbone.

Contouring is a subtle makeup technique. Look for the other articles in this section for contouring your whole face.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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