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Benefits of a regular night beauty regimen

In our busy lives juggling various roles, few women have the time or energy to look after their physical appearances on a regular basis. We often end up shortchanging our skin care regimens, waking up years later to find that the ongoing neglect has taken its toll.

Everyone has to grow old, but that is no reason to stop trying to look our very best at every age. Out of the many anti-wrinkle systems and advice that we read about, we found the nightly beauty regimen to have the most far-reaching effects. A simple three-step, three-minute ritual can save you from spots and wrinkles for as many as ten to fifteen years. The earlier you start, the more effective the result–so why wait? Make sure to start investing in yourself today!

The first step to your night beauty regimen is to cleanse your skin of all dirt, impurities, and even makeup. You can use any cream, lotion, or face wash depending on your skin type and budget. Reserve the gentlest products for your eye areas, which have the most sensitive skin. You can also substitute a medicated exfoliant instead of a regular cleanser in case you are prone to acne breakouts.

The next step is to tone the skin. Cleansing, while beneficial, disturbs the chemical balance of the skin, in turn affecting its ability to absorb moisture. A good toner helps rebalance the skin so that the products you apply afterward are more effective. There is an ongoing debate on the pros and cons of alcohol-based toners, so try and stick to an alcohol-free one to be on the safe side.

The last step is in many ways perhaps the most critical. The first two are really about preparing the canvas. Step three, or moisturizing, is the real artwork. It is also important to be very selective about the night cream that you select. Anti-Aging ingredients boost the healing power of the cream and keep you looking younger. They may appear to be more expensive than regular creams but are worth their weight in gold. Use gentle, upward strokes to rub in a pea-sized amount so that you don’t end up with a greasy face.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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