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Check out that powder!

I’ve been in the beauty game years. I remember trying out my first foundation in the 6th grade.  I’d apply it while sitting in the rear seat of the cheese bus using a compact stolen borrowed from my mother’s purse. It was a no name liquid that I had purchased from the local beauty supply for $3.99. Now,15 years and dozens of foundations later I have graduated to what I feel is the holy grail of foundations —  powder. With my oily and breakout prone skin, it’s the best beauty move I’ve ever made. Ever wonder whether you should consider trading in your liquid foundation for the powder variety instead?

Some liquid foundations can be  heavy and thick, and  sometimes settles into fine lines and wrinkles.  This places emphasis on them instead of hiding them. Plus, if you sweat or are prone to breakouts, your forehead could look like an oil slick by midday (and all that makeup will melt away). If these problems sound all too familiar, ditch the bottle.

Powder foundation is great for women who suffer from an oily complexion. The powder itself helps to minimize excess sebum (a fancy-shmancy word for oil), so you won’t wind up shiny. And since you can apply it with a brush, you don’t need to use dirty fingers to spread bacteria around your face. Powder foundation is also portable and easy to apply in a pinch!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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