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Do I need anti-aging products?

One of the questions our beauty advisor gets asked very often is Do I need anti- aging products? There are actually 2 questions in this one – How do you define anti-aging products? And is there a specific age at which you need to start using anti-aging products or treatments. This article seeks to answer both.

First and foremost anti-aging products though synonymous with anti-wrinkle creams, technically cover all products that help prevent, minimize or cure signs of age related deterioration. Using that definition, even the sunscreen that you apply to your baby’s skin is an anti –aging product as is the moisturizing bar of soap you have been using since you were 5 years old. Inherent in this definition is the answer to the second question as well. The skin needs to be protected against damage every day, from the day it comes into existence. All damage is in some ways age or time related. The intensity of the required protection on the other hand is something that requires further exploration.

In matters of skin care, it is safe to say that less is more. The less you can do with, the better are the chances of your skin staying healthy and radiant. Cleanse, tone and moisturize taking extra precautions to include a sunscreen when going out. This is usually a great philosophy till your late thirties. Unfortunately, the laws of gravity come into play eventually and it then becomes time to invest in more advanced, more powerful ingredients or what people normally refer to as anti-aging products. Don’t wait to see the first wrinkle. Check for signs of dryness, dullness or loss of elasticity and seek help. While it is impossible to define an ideal age for product use, 25 years is a good time to become alert to changes in your skin texture.

People with great genes might not show signs of aging till their forties while people exposed to the sun on a daily basis may develop spots and wrinkles at 20. Regular abuse of skin by using poor quality make up or insufficient moisturization can also lead to early aging. Given the obsession that most of us have with our face, it is difficult to miss the tell- tale signs. The trick lies in a combination of preventing and acting on them well in time.

It is important to remember that aging is inevitable as are the changes in the skin that accompany it. However we can continue to look and feel our very best by investing in a skin care routine that fights the signs of aging.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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