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Eyebrow envy – how to make yours just right

Like our well-documented hair envy, many of us have eyebrow envy too! You might think your eyebrows are either too thick or too thin, too light or too dark, too arched or too flat, and never quite just right. But no matter what nature gave you, you should know it’s not too hard to get the brows of your dreams.

Are you dealing with an eyebrow situation that would make even Groucho Marx uncomfortable? It’s time to take those suckers to a professional. Your tweezers can only handle so much, but a beautician armed with hot wax or thread can help shape your brows into the beauties they were meant to be. And don’t be overzealous with it, either – thick, dark brows have worked for many celebs, like Kate Winslet, Brooke Shields and Emma Watson.

At the other end of the spectrum are ladies who’ve got light, wispy, barely-there brows. This is a common affliction for blondes and redheads. Light brows are easily fixed with the right tools. Try a brow pencil in a color just a shade or two darker than your natural hue. Then, using quick strokes following the direction of your hair, fill in sparse patches in your brows and darken their overall appearance.

Now if only curing our hair envy was as simple…

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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