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How to apply liquid eyeliner

We’ll just come right out and say what many women are thinking – applying liquid eyeliner is hard! Even those of us with the steadiest of hands may shake and leave a dark trail of jet black liner across a cheek or an eyebrow, or make a line that’s far too thick or thin. Of course, just because something is tough doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here’s our guide to becoming the Jackson Pollack of liquid eyeliner application.

First, liquid eyeliner has a tendency to run – but only if you don’t take the proper steps to make sure it stays put. Start by applying concealer and a light powder to your eyelid to even out discoloration and give your eyeliner something to stick to.

Next, draw a line guide using a matte shadow. This will give you something to follow when you begin applying the actual liner. A dark, thick liquid liner is tough to smudge away if you make a mistake, but matte shadow can easily be corrected with a cotton swab dipped in a bit of makeup remover.

Once you’ve got your guide down, shut your eye and pull the lid tight with your free hand. Carefully trace your guide with the liquid liner, then let dry for a few seconds before blinking. And you’re done!

This method makes applying liquid eye-liner much more accessible . . . and we’ve never looked better.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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