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How to use glitter: A guide for grown-ups

Confession time!  I am a grown woman and I am still a glitter wearing fool. Fifth grade was mumble- grumble -rumble years ago and although I don’t go around wearing sparkly t-shirts and carrying a glittery trapper-keeper with my crush’s name scrawled in the margins, I am not  ashamed to admit that things that shine and sparkle still catch my eye.  Blame my beauty ADD. Just because I’m all grown up doesn’t mean I have to abandon glitter altogether, no matter what my mother says. Let me introduce you to glitter’s more sophisticated cousin: shimmer.

Wearing shimmer isn’t tough, but there is a trick to it – don’t overdo it. Pick an area to focus on. Do you want to highlight your eyes? Draw attention to your lips? Show off your cheeks? Once you’ve made your decision, there are dozens of options to bring some shiny opulence to your look.

When it comes to eyes, shimmer shadow is a good look – especially in the winter.  There’s nothing like shining during the holiday season.  Try a nude color, like pink or gold, so the shimmer can be the star. As for lips, there are plenty of glosses that bring a little shine to your style.  Look for one that specifically advertises its shimmer.  Apply it over your favorite color lipstick for a little extra oomph and a pucker that’s impossible to resist. And if you really want to glow, a shimmery finishing powder or blush can be the final touch for any look.

Note from me:  Please do not use all shimmer everything or else you’ll look like a flesh colored disco ball.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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