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Ingredients to look for in anti-aging products

Effective ingredients are what make some anti- aging products better than others. They each have their own unique properties and when used properly in combination with other ingredients, they can have wonderful rejuvenating effects. It is always best to recognize what you are applying to your skin, so review these ingredients and you will better understand the anti-aging products you purchase.

Argerilene – This is scientifically known as acetyl hexapeptide-3. The name might not mean much but this is a protein derived from the botulinum toxin (botox) and has some wonderfully restorative properties for the skin. It helps to inhibit excessive wrinkle formation caused by muscle contractions around the eyes and forehead.

Hyaluronic acid – This is a component of the skin that is naturally occurring but decreases with age. By including it in anti-aging products it stimulates the growth of new cells in the skin that support its structure. The skin also produces hyaluronic acid when there is excessive sun exposure as it tries to heal the skin.

Retinol – A derivative of Vitamin A, retinol is essential for proper growth and repair of the outer most cells of the skin. It is used in topical creams to treat acne and promote re-growth of damaged skin. It induces the normal turnover of skin cells and stimulates the production of proteins that support the skin’s strength.

Coenzyme Q10 – This is a nutrient found in every cell that helps regulate energy production. When used as an anti-aging compound, Coenzyme Q10 can help regulate the skin cells that contribute to wrinkle formation.

Matrixyl – Also known as palmitoyl penta peptide, this is a fatty acid mixed with amino acids. It was discovered by studying how wounds heal and how wrinkles form. It stimulates the cells at the lower layers of the skin to produce more skin cells and also produces the protein collagen that supports the skin tissue. This is why it is such an important component in anti-aging products.

Tea extracts – Green and black tea extracts have valuable anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Aging is essentially inflammation so these tea extracts can play an important role in reducing the same. They also have strong anti-oxidant properties that prevent free radicals from further damaging skin cells after sun exposure.

Take a good look at the ingredients in the next anti-aging products you consider. There is an excellent chance they contain one or more of the above ingredients. In case they don’t, you may want to research other options.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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