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Learn to apply false lashes

False lashes are a great way to enhance your eyes. There are several different choices, including just a few individual lashes, super thick and long lashes, or more subtle, full lashes. The lashes you can find at any drugstore are completely fine–there is no real reason to look for more expensive lashes. The one thing about the drugstore lashes that may be insufficient is the adhesive the lashes come with. Look down the aisle for adhesives that are eyelash specific.  We like Duo Eyelash Adhesive.

The first thing to do once you purchase the false lashes is to take them out of the container and size them up to your eyes.See if you need to trim them. Without adhesive, just place them on your upper lashes to see if they go beyond your eyelid. They should not extend all the way to the inner eye,rather just a little shy of it. Have a look at your natural lashes.They are longer toward the outer edge.

It can be a real pain to put the adhesive on and glue the lashes on only to realize that they are too long. If they are too long, use scissors to trim them at the outer edge. Cut them at an angle so there is not a big square edge at one end.

Here are two good tips before you apply the false lashes. First, put your eyeliner on your upper eyelid before applying the false lashes. It can be difficult to line up the false lashes just right. If there is a gap of visible skin after you apply the lashes, it is nearly impossible to get in there with eyeliner afterward. Second, if you want to reuse the lashes a second time, apply your mascara to only your natural lashes. False lashes with mascara on them usually do not look so hot.

Now, you are ready to put on the false lashes. Take the adhesive you bought separately, and put a dab on the case the lashes came in. Use a Q-tip to take some adhesive, and spread it onto the band of the false lashes evenly. This ensures that you get just the right amount on there in a uniform fashion. Make sure the very ends are coated because they are usually the first parts to lift off the eyelid.

Wait about 30 seconds until the glue is tacky but not wet. The false lashes are more likely to slide around or even falloff if the glue is wet.

Take the false lashes in your fingers or with tweezers, whichever you prefer. Look down, or close your eyes slightly. Then, line up the outer edge of the false lashes with the edge of your eyelid. Place the false lashes on your skin as close to your natural lashes as you can. Try not to leave a big gap. Press down the outer edges. Take another Q-tip, and press the lashes in and down as close to your natural lashes as possible.

If there are any gaps at the edges, you can try to fill it in with eyeliner or apply a little more adhesive with a Q-tip and line it up more. It is a good idea to put eyeliner above the band on your eyelid all the way across as well. The glue will dry clear, but the eyelinermakes a more finished look overall.

Some people prefer to take a lash curler at this point to press the natural lashes into the false ones. If you are only planning on wearing them once, you can also apply mascara to both your natural lashes and the false lashes to blend them together more.

To take them off, run your fingers under some water, and spread the water along the band where the glue is. This will soften the glue. Pull on the lashes from the outer or inner edge first, and peel them away gently.

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Lauren Stewart
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