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Looking (nail) polished for winter

Just because you’ll be covering up your hands and feet until it’s gorgeous outside doesn’t mean you should leave your nails bare. After all, you might not be walking around in a swimsuit and flip flops, but you’re bound to take those mittens and boots off eventually – and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to appear polished (pun intended) when you do. Of course, this likely begs the following question: in the winter, which nail polish color is best?

When it comes to colors, sticking to seasonally-appropriate shades is important. Put away the hot pinks, bright reds and vibrant oranges. Instead, look for jewel tones that are as rich and vibrant. Emerald green, ruby red, royal purple and sapphire blue are all excellent choices for the season.

Another option? Metallics. Gold, silver and bronze are perfect alternatives to red for a Valentine’s Day date. And don’t forget about glitter. When it comes to making an impression, remember the following: sparkly nails never fail – no matter how old you are!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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