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Naturally beautiful

Every woman wants to feel naturally beautiful, but few of us dare to go makeup-free due to fear that our natural look is less than stellar. Luckily, you don’t have to  slather heavy makeup on yourself in attempts to hide your  imperfections. Natural-looking makeup is easy to achieve and looks as  simple as it does beautiful. No one will even know you’re wearing it!

Start with a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation. Tinted moisturizer is light, sheer and good for your skin, but it’ll still help cover up blemishes and uneven patches. If you’ve got a zit that needs a little extra cover, use a bit of  concealer and tap it in with your fingers. Finish off with a subtle blush in a slightly pink tone.

Next, apply mascara. Skip the heavy eyeliner and bright eye shadow – remember, we’re going for a natural look here.  Make those lashes pop with no more than two to three coast of mascara on both your top and bottom lashes.

Finally, swipe on some natural lipstick that’s just a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. What you’ll be left with is a beautiful – and more radiant – version of yourself.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing