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Pencil it in

Pencil it in

Eyebrows go through all sorts of trends. It used to be all the rage to pluck them to within an inch of their lives, leaving just the tiniest trail of hair above your lashes. And in the ’90s, leaving them thick and natural was tres chic, thanks to Brooke Shields. But these days, it’s all about being polished and pretty, which means you can’t have even a single hair out of place.

Not all of us are blessed with such naturally obedient brows. Coaxing  thin, light ones into looking a little fuller can be a task and –a-half. However it doesn’t have to be.  It’s time to make friends a good ole’  the eyebrow pencil.  Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know it’s an oldie.  But it’s a goodie.   My makeup kit is full with all types of brow shapers, stickers and pluckers. Yet, I find myself going back to a simple brow pencil.  I like to call it “old faithful.”

Start your brow makeover by picking  a pencil color that’s just a hue or two darker than your natural brow color. Then, fill in the areas that are sparse using short, feathery  strokes. Be sure to follow the direction of your natural hair pattern.  (If you’re blonde or a redhead, keep in mind that you may be the entire filling in the brow). When you’re finished, inspect your look to make sure it’s natural and effortless.  You don’t want to trade in a skimpy brow for a uni-brow.

Voila! Just like that, you turned thin brows into big, strong statement-makers. And all it took was a single pencil.

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Santana Jordan
By: Santana Jordan

Around the age of 35ish, Santana Jordan realized that most of the makeup information that was readily available was all geared towards teeny boppers. This makeup artist and esthetician specializes in makeup techniques for the over 30 crowd. You know, those of us that need to hide a wrinkle or two – or ten and don’t want to look like we’re on our way to a rave. When she’s not taking the latest makeup trends and making them grown woman friendly, she is working on the launch of a kid’s clothing line inspired by her daughter, Lana Sofiah.