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Pore little me

Women in magazines often have smooth, Photoshopped poreless skin that’s as clear as a porcelain doll’s. However, here in real life, most of us suffer from at least an imperfection or two . . . or several. One of the most common skin problems that we face are enlarged pores. Large pores which can be the result of acne, genetics or just pure bad luck.

Pores often get enlarged when dirt, oil and dead skin cells get trapped in them, forming a pimple .To keep your pores small and dainty (because we all want our pores be dainty and lady-like), make sure to wash your face frequently with an exfoliating scrub to slough off dead skin cells. In addition, you should stick to non-comedogenic moisturizers and cosmetics, which won’t lead to breakouts. Keeping your skin free from acne blemishes won’t just have you looking and feeling more confident, it’ll actually keep your skin healthier and smoother for life.

Another reason pores can become enlarged is sun damage. You already know that too much exposure to UV rays can lead to wrinkles, age spots and even cancer, but did you know that spending too much time in the sun can weaken the bonds that keep your pores tight?  Whodathunk it? If you’re a tanning junkie, it’s time to swap the bed or the beach for a sunless tanning lotion that’ll give you the same glow – without the damage

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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