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Ready for prime time

How exactly do your favorite actors keep their makeup from melting off their faces under the red-hot glare of the limelight? Primer. As it turns out, getting a look that’s ready for a home audience is as simple spending a few bucks at your local beauty store and learning how to apply this pre-makeup miracle.

Primer creates a base for your makeup to adhere to so it’ll last longer, no matter what you’re up to. Primer also helps absorb oil, so excess oil won’t melt away your makeup by midday. Plus, it glosses over scars, pores and other imperfections, giving you an airbrushed look that’s tough to top. Even better, it helps keep cosmetics out of your pores, keeping acne at bay!

Lots of women don’t have so much as a single priming product in their cosmetic bags, but the professionals swear by this easy solution. Be it for your face, lips or eyelids, it is essential for staving off slick, slippery oil, keeping makeup from settling into pores and cracks and achieving a smooth, flawless finish. If you don’t own one, then your life is kinda pointless.  Okay, maybe not.  But it is severely lacking. Priming before applying my foundation and shadow works miracles for someone like me with the oiliest of oily skin.

Pick up a primer today, you’ll thank me later. Promise.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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