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Reversing sun damage- Fact or Myth?

After worshiping the sun for years, people wake up one day to find age spots and thickened skin texture, as well as a variety of inexplicable skin conditions. The tan probably wasn’t worth it, they think in retrospect, I assume. Anyhow, the million-dollar question then becomes, “How do I reverse the sun damage and make it all go away?” Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure. There have been several scientific breakthroughs that can help combat but not totally erase away telltale signs of the sunshine years. Read on to find out what experts have to say.

The first step to reversing sun damage is to get out of the sun–literally. Avoid exposing your body to the sun in peak conditions. The sun is a passionate lover, and no sunscreen, no hat, and no parasol can really fight that kind of devotion for long. Cloudy or foggy, make sure that you are liberally covered with sunscreen when you are outside your home. In fact, use a moisturizer with a sunscreen so that you are protected by default whether you go out or not. The truth is that most sunscreens become effective only 20 to 25 minutes after application, so rubbing some on just before you step out is of no use at all.

Once you start protecting your skin from further sun damage, it will start healing on its own. Help accelerate the process by using night creams with active ingredients that help hydrate the skin and minimize ugly spots. Sun damage also usually causes premature wrinkle formation, so be sure to find something that addresses age lines as well. Don’t expect a change overnight, but regular use will cause a sure but definite reversal of sun damage and also improve your skin complexion for the better over time

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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