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Scratching the surface of laser resurfacing

Just about everyone has a blemish or mark they wish they could erase, but most of us assume that we’re stuck living with our flaws, including wrinkles and acne scars. What if there were a way to get rid of unwanted skin damage forever? Thanks to laser treatment, there is – but like any procedure, you should understand the pros and cons.

Laser treatment, also known as laser resurfacing, lasabrasion and laser peel, is a common outpatient procedure performed by a physician. On the plus side, the treatment is quick – generally lasting under two hours – and, thanks to local anesthetics, it’s usually painless. It’s recommended for removing wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and eliminating bothersome acne scarring. The results can be dramatic – but you won’t wind up with a face that looks like you’ve “had work done.”

On the cons side, recovery time from laser treatment can last up to two weeks – which is a long time to have to hide your face – especially if you’re somewhat of a social butterfly. If you have a darker complexion, there’s also a risk that laser treatment could permanently lighten some pigment in your skin.

If laser resurfacing sounds like something you’d like to explore, do some research to find a physician who’s experienced and licensed to perform the procedure. If you really want this procedure, a little extra legwork can make for a more healthy, even more beautiful you!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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