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TA-65: The new anti aging miracle

Unless you are knowledgeable about Chinese medicine, you’ve likely not heard of an herb known as Yellow Leader, or Astragalus propinquus, its scientific name. Yellow Leader is a flowering perennial and one of the fifty fundamental herbs used in Chinese medicine. Its traditional uses are in treating diabetes and improving the metabolism, but a new antiaging drug called TA-65, claims the herb can literally reverse the aging process in users by changing how the body responds to damaged cells.

Telomerase Activation Sciences (TAS, the manufacturer of TA-65) asserts that the Yellow Leader in TA-65 reverses the aging process within 6 months to a year, with their “Patton Protocol,” a process involving the drug, by reducing the effect of the body’s immune system on damaged cells, which is a big part of what causes the wrinkles, liver spots, and other visible signs of aging. That is, TAS claims that TA-65 reduces the number of white blood cells that attack and destroy damaged or infected cells, which is a significant cause of the usual physical signs of aging. The Patton Protocol costs upwards of $9,390, all told, with insurance possibly covering a percentage of that.

Although there’s been active scientific research with regard to the uses and benefits of Yellow Leader, it has yet to yield any positive results regarding the antiaging benefits claimed by TA-65. The claim concurrently is as unverified as are any other herbal supplements, which often rely on personal accounts instead of proof. Recent legislation in the European Union (EU) has restricted the sale and manufacture of herbal supplements until further research can provide real evidence. Similar legislation is underway in the United States. So far, though, TA-65 is selling strong, and TAS can continue selling this natural remedy for aging.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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