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Top 5 Hairstyles This Season

Autumn-Winter 2011 is all about going retro with a modern touch, by recreating hairstyles from the 60’s. See how you can achieve these looks effortlessly without having to resort to the salon.

The ponytail

Sleek, clean and simple. You can achieve this look by flat ironing your hair. Run some anti-frizz hair product through it to keep it tamed and smooth. Comb your hair back into a tight mid-rise ponytail (make sure that it’s all nicely straight). As a final touch, conceal the rubber band by wrapping a strand of hair around it. An alternative “twist” to this look is to  wear it lower and looser or to crimp the tail and add a few feather extensions

The Bouffant

Voluminous updo’s are back. To achieve this look, spray your wet hair with a voluminizing hair spray and blow-dry. Then just lightly comb the outer parts of your hair, the ones that show on the surface, until it looks neat. You don’t want to brush too hard or too much, so that you don’t lose volume, tangles need to survive below the neat surface. Settle your hairdo to the desired height, French twist and secure with bobby pins. Settle with a last coat of hairspray.

The double knot

A carefree, laidback style. This look was very ‘in” during spring-summer season 2011, but is still making a statement on runways for the autumn-winter hairstyles. It is very simple to acheive. Blow-dry your hair as it is straight out from the shower, without combing it (if you have straight hair, scrunch the hair a bit while blow-drying, to give it that messy effect). Roughly part your hair in two, from the nape (as if you were going to comb it into pigtails), then tie a first knot, as you would with shoe laces, then tie a second one over it. Spray over and use bobby pins to secure (make sure they don’t show).

Sleek Hair

Elegant and contemporary. To achieve this look, lightly spray your dry hair and then flat iron it, small sections at a time. Take the middle section above the forehead, spray lightly and straighten back. Fix any strands and loose hairs.

The Bun

Romantic and sophisticated. You can achieve this look by flat ironing your hair. Then take the middle part of the hair (imagine a horseshoe shape from the forehead to the crown) and pin it out of your way so that you can work on the rest of the hair. Comb the remaining hair back, like if you were going to do a ponytail, then start twisting the hair while you wrap it around in circles to make a bun, pin it into place. Then take that middle strand of hair, comb it back (leave a little loose) and pin it right before the bun starts, pull the remaining hair loosely over the bun, to conceal and create a bob. Curl the hair underneath the bun and use bobby pins to secure in place. Leave out a loose strand of hair so you can wrap it around the bob to conceal the safety pins. Spray over to fix, and you’re done!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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