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Wax is waning – now we’re threading

Do you suffer from unwanted facial hair? (Raising my own hand.) Do you have peach fuzz on your cheeks, hair on your upper lip, unruly eyebrows or even those dreaded chin hairs that seem to pop up as soon as you hit 30? As it turns out, there’s actually an easy, skin-healthy way to get rid of that hair in an instant – and all it takes is a little piece of thread.

Women in the Middle East and India have known about threading – a relatively low-pain, quick and simple way to remove unwanted hair – for centuries. And lucky for the rest of us, threading is gaining in popularity in western counties. My own mall has two threading stations!

This method of removing hair with a single strand of thread is much more sanitary and better for your skin than hot wax and a strip of burlap. It takes only seconds, won’t damage your face and can keep hair away for weeks or even months! So how does it work?

Your beautician will press a thin, twisted piece of pure cotton thread against your skin, capturing unwanted hairs in what essentially amounts to a tiny lasso. When the thread is pulled, the hairs will come with it – pulling them out from the follicle. Threading works like tweezing, except that many hairs can be removed at once (making it perfect for getting rid that pesky peach fuzz). And since the thread can be carefully manipulated to produce almost any shape, this treatment is ideal for eyebrows.

You’re probably all wondering the same thing: Does it hurt? The answer is yes, but it hurts less than waxing. And because it only takes a few minutes, it is worth it.

So forget about waxing (I did!). Threading is the quickest and healthiest way to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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