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What to do when your scar story isn’t exactly badass

Okay, sometimes scars are kind of cool. Did you survive heart surgery as a kid? Do you have a sweet mark leftover from the time you fought off a rabid animal in your own backyard? Those are the kinds of awesome scar stories that beat a tattoo any day. Of course, not every scar is quite so awesome. Do you really want to walk around for the rest of your life having to explain that you got that mark on your arm because you fell backwards off your fence while laughing at a funny trick your dog did?

If you’ve got some scars with less-than-awesome stories attached, you have two options: lie, or try to reduce the appearance of the mark. Since most people aren’t going to believe that saving a bus full of orphans from going over a cliff is the reason you’ve got that burn mark on your thumb, the second option is the one we’re gonna go with.

No matter how unsightly or massive your scar may be today, time will fade it considerably. A new scar is red, inflamed and puffy, but these traits will disappear – leaving you with nothing but a silvery reminder. To help speed up the process, you can try a variety of over-the-counter remedies that need to be applied consistently. Depending on the location and type of scar, you may also be able to try steroid creams, laser resurfacing (such as for acne scarring) and even pressure treatments. You may even want to try a natural alternative like Vitamin A or raw shea butter.

If your injury is new, don’t pick at the scab or worry the area – you’ll only increase your chances of having a massive scar. Instead, begin scar-minimizing treatments immediately and speak with your doctor about other options.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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