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Simple does it when it comes to skincare

Balance is everything when it comes to skin. For some reason, many of us feel the need to slather every cream under the sun onto our delicate facial skin. Sure, it may be tempting to overdo it when you see even the most minute of blemishes, but the effects of cream/serum/lotion/ potion overload can be worse than many of you think.

"[Cosmeticus is] what we call it when people use everything [under the blue sky] on their skin and end up confusing their own epidermis [top layer of skin] into thinking it’s under attack," New York dermatologist David Colbert told Elle magazine. "You've overstimulated your skin to the point where your immune system is telling you, 'No more.'"

As part of an emergency detox plan, Colbert recommends an oil-only skincare regimen to help restore balance and replace naturally occurring oils on the skin. Herbal and floral facial oils can nourish and act as a buffer, allowing one's visage to heal itself from overstimulation.

However, before you get to the point where you'll need to pull the plug on all of your favorite antioxidant creams and free radical-fighting moisturizers, it makes sense to streamline your bathroom countertop and stick to one cleanser, one toner and one (okay, maybe two) moisturizers. Staying consistent with your routine will allow your skin to reap the benefits of your products without freaking out and shutting down.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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