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The garments every winter runner needs

Just because it's wintertime doesn't mean you have to hang up your running shoes and go into exercise hibernation. In fact, if you want a bikini-ready bod as soon as the snow and ice melt, keeping up with your exercise routine when it's cold outside is key!

Yes – we know running in bitter temperatures isn't fun – but if you cover up your hands, neck and head, you can stay warm even on the snowiest mornings. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Many runners think that the secret to staying warm is covering up in multiple layers. But actually, the number one concern winter joggers should be mindful of is deflecting sweat. Luckily, a moisture-wicking base layer in the winter can prevent perspiration from freezing and posing a risk of hypothermia. So throw on a technical top and running tights and get moving!

Additionally, you'll want to protect your hands and your head from the cold, as these are the body parts that lose heat the quickest. Remember, your digits remain extremely exposed as you run, so they need something super-cozy to stay toasty while you work out. Try a pair of mittens or gloves – experiment to see which style you prefer. Addicted to your iPod? Many gloves are touch-screen compatible so you can still fiddle with your music as you burn off those calories.

When you're bundled up nice and warm, a morning run – even in the winter – doesn't seem so daunting.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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