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This year’s likeliest best-selling lip color (so far)

Unfortunately, it's a little too early to run the sales reports just yet, but it's entirely possible to put our inner psychic to work and predict a likely contender for best-selling lip color. Pantone has released its much-anticipated Color of the Year for 2012 – a selection based on careful research and that all-powerful gut feeling – and the results are making for a rather firey 2012.

Tangerine Tango takes 2011's Honeysuckle to a much more vibrant level, and lips decked out in this energetic shade will represent the times well with their edgy, uber-confidence. "Because we're living in tougher times, people need a little color and excitement," explained Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute to

If you still can't get used to the orange lipstick thing, there are a few exciting runners up that could help your pout steal the show in 2012. In fact, Emily Blunt recently stepped out in a vibrant petal pink shade that immediately caught the attention of cameras (and no doubt, the decision-makers in the fashion world).

However you want to spin it, it looks like bold is the way to go in 2012, so make sure your lip color follows suit.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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