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Trademark celebrity pouts – and how they care for them

Some celebrities have sensual pouts so famous, they're probably insured for at least a million dollars (just kidding – well, no, not really). Here's an ode to the A-list lips we love so much – and tips you can borrow to make your own dazzle.

Angelina Jolie: There's no way we couldn't list Angie first – if we could count the amount of times we've heard her lips referred to as "bee-stung or some other related luscious lip adjective," we'd probably be able to afford a lifetime of lip injections to get ours that big (and yes, if you're wondering, they are real). Maintaining a pout like that is pretty easy-breezy, though. In fact, Jolie is rumored to use Blistex to keep her pout smooth and shiny. Oh, and there was that time she made headlines when she reapplied her lip gloss at last year's Golden Globes. According to Us Weekly, Jolie's makeup artist revealed that she uses Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in Love.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley: Model-turned-actress Rosie once famously revealed that her "mood lips" change color depending on how she's feeling. We're pretty sure our only mood would be "enthralled" if we had a pout like hers. Nevertheless, the star decided to share the goods in a recent interview with Elle. "I use Lucas’ Papaw Ointment religiously, especially when trav­eling. I also like to use a lip scrub, but when I don’t have one, I just rub the edge of my towel to buff away dead skin after I wash my face."

Scarlett Johansson: We don't think we've ever seen someone whose top lip was as full as her bottom lip – and we're not sure we ever will again. This leading lady pays a lot of lip service to red lipstick, so take note. "I'm a huge believer in the power of lipstick, especially red – it's like instant glamour in a tube," she told InStyle magazine. "It's all about taking your time and letting the bullet of the lipstick guide you from one side of the lip to the other to create a really full and neat look.”

We're glad these ladies were generous enough to dish on some of their best-kept secrets, but we can't resist the urge to recommend one of our own favorite cure-alls – Ultrabalm from Lush. Believe us – the product is great for an intensive overnight treatment or to create an unforgettable shine, whether worn bare or added to your favorite red lipstick.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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