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Treadmill or pavement: Which goes the distance for you?

The list of pros and cons comparing treadmill and pavement running could stretch for miles. But to make your decision process just a wee bit easier, here are the differences that matter, in a nutshell.

Fans of outdoor running often sing the praises of their all-natural workout environment (and unlike gym runners, they rarely get bored). The ground outdoors is less predictable and can offer a more challenging workout as a result, plus there's wind resistance and no belt propelling you forward. For these reasons, many running experts agree that outdoor running will help you burn more calories. And of course, there are countless routes, hills, bridges, parks, paths and surfaces to explore. But since it's all you, baby, you alone will have to work to keep you going at an even pace.

Those who stick to treadmills tend to appreciate the fact that they can easily put in some miles come rain or shine (or freezing cold) without worrying about the weather. Treadmills also come with many customizable settings that offer greater control over the intensity and duration of your workout, which makes it easier for some people to stick to their goals.

In the end, your ideal running workout is a matter of personal preference, so if you're still in no position to commit to an outdoor- or treadmill-only lifestyle, keep trying them both 'til you figure out what works for you.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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