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3 Budget Friendly Makeup Ideas for Spring

  Okay, so maybe spring is not quite here yet, but one can dream, right? A great way to get rid of those winter blues is by getting into the spring state of mind through makeup! Here are a few ideas to try out to escape from that winter makeup

Shine on

Dull, frizzy, lackluster locks got you down? Even if your natural hair is less than shimmery, you don't have to resign yourself to a life of mousy tresses. Follow these tips and you'll be flaunting a shiny, healthy mane in no time. 1. Shake up your shampoo routine. Cleaning your

Skincare magic ingredient: Vanilla

Vanilla isn’t just great in cakes and icecream – it’s also a valuable skincare ingredient. That’s because vanilla has the ability to provide antioxidants to your skin, soothe stress, boost hydration and even retain moisture.

Working out without a gym

Gym memberships can be expensive. And just when you find one that may fit your budget, the hours are limited or the drive can make it unrealistic to fit exercise into your daily priorities. The good news? Working out without a gym is possible! You don’t have to be on

Organizing your makeup brushes

Just because you have a ton of make-up and supplies, doesn’t mean your space needs to be a mess.  When you have tons of make-up it’s hard to stay organized (Trust me, I know).  There are little things you can do to keep your space neat.  One thing I have

Know your faceshape!

A lot of us look to celebrities for inspiration for our new hairstyle but in actuality, it’s best we look at face shape rather just selecting the hottest celebrity’s look. Each face shape has a look that brings out their features. There are certain haircuts, layers, bangs, colors and more

Top Five Everyday Superfoods

When you see the term “superfood,” do you imagine jars of mysterious blue-green marine life? Exotic dried herbs or strange, shriveled berries? Dehydrated, pulverized grasses? Sure, the newest health food trends offer nutritional benefits galore. But you don’t need to take up residence in the health food store to benefit