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3 Budget Friendly Makeup Ideas for Spring

  Okay, so maybe spring is not quite here yet, but one can dream, right? A great way to get rid of those winter blues is by getting into the spring state of mind through makeup! Here are a few ideas to try out to escape from that winter makeup rut. Pretty Pastels: Pastels are soft, sweet and perfect for Spring. Try incorporating this color palette to your entire face for a (surprisingly) wearable but fun look. Start by applying a light lilac shade onto the eyelid, blending up until the crease. Revlon’s Illuminance Creme Shadow in Wild Orchids has the perfect color for achieving this look. Next, define your upper lash line with a liquid liner, winging out the end a bit for a flattering look. Grab a stippling brush and apply a bright, pastel pink blush to brighten up your face. My absolute favorite bright pink blush is Elf’s Studio Blush in Pink Passion. Not only does it  cost 3 dollars(!), it also delivers a gorgeous color that trumps any high-end blush I’ve tried. To finish off the look, slick on Revlon’s Lilac Pastelle Super Lustrous Lipgloss for a glossy, pastel pout. Bold Lips and Brows: Since winter

Shine on

Dull, frizzy, lackluster locks got you down? Even if your natural hair is less than shimmery, you don't have to resign yourself to a life of mousy tresses. Follow these tips and you'll be flaunting a shiny, healthy mane in no time. 1. Shake up your shampoo routine. Cleaning your hair too often and too vigorously can rob it of the natural oils that keep it shiny and healthy looking. Instead of washing your hair each morning, try every other day. It may feel a bit greasy at first, but once your body returns to its natural balance, you'll notice that your tresses are actually healthier and better looking than ever before. 2. Condition yourself to condition more. If you really want hair that shines with all its might, don't skip the conditioner! Apply a generous amount to the tips of your hair (not the roots, where natural oils can do the job). Allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing it clean. 3. Beat the heat with product. If you blowdry, flat iron, curl or otherwise mold your hair into perfection with heat, make sure you pick up a spray or serum designed to help protect your

Skincare magic ingredient: Vanilla

Skincare magic ingredient: Vanilla

Vanilla isn’t just great in cakes and icecream – it’s also a valuable skincare ingredient. That’s because vanilla has the ability to provide antioxidants to your skin, soothe stress, boost hydration and even retain moisture.

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Working out without a gym

Gym memberships can be expensive. And just when you find one that may fit your budget, the hours are limited or the drive can make it unrealistic to fit exercise into your daily priorities. The good news? Working out without a gym is possible! You don’t have to be on a treadmill to get a workout in. Running, biking and long walks with your children or pets are all a great option, but what about when the weather is crappy? Here are some ways you can get in a little bit of activity around your house: Blow dryer squats: Love to hate ‘em but your booty will thank you! While you are blow-drying your hair, squat down! Squats are one of the most powerful movements you can do to help tone and tighten your butt. Stair climber: Oh yes, get your work-out on going up and down those stairs! Sprint for two minutes up and down your stairs as fast as you can. Or, stand at the bottom of the stairs and step up with your right foot two stairs at a time and back down again. Repeat 12 times with the right foot and then with the left. Laundry

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Organizing your makeup brushes

Just because you have a ton of make-up and supplies, doesn’t mean your space needs to be a mess.  When you have tons of make-up it’s hard to stay organized (Trust me, I know).  There are little things you can do to keep your space neat.  One thing I have issues with is my make up brushes – there are just so many of them!  A great way to keep your make up brush collection organized is to keep them in a simple vase like the one shown below.  Fill them with marbles and add a cute ribbon (you can find all of these in your local Walmart, craft store or even a dollar store). When you have a larger collection of brushes, you may need something bigger than the vase.  You can also buy something like a desktop organizer and also fill them with marbles.  I also found this great tutorial with a similar concept on how to make your own make-up brush holder. I found this adorable desktop organizer at a Marshall’s Home Goods near me. Another way to keep your brushes in order is by investing in a brush roll.  I found this cute one on Etsy

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Know your faceshape!

A lot of us look to celebrities for inspiration for our new hairstyle but in actuality, it’s best we look at face shape rather just selecting the hottest celebrity’s look. Each face shape has a look that brings out their features. There are certain haircuts, layers, bangs, colors and more that work well with different face shapes.  Are long layers for you? Will short bangs or side swept bangs work best for your face shape? Do short crops work best for you? We will share the hottest styles that complement you! How do you determine your face shape? Pull your hair off your face and look into a mirror and trace the outline of your face with lipstick or eyeliner on the glass. Or you can pull your cell phone out and take a picture of yourself with your hair off of your face. This will give you a clear look at your face shape.  There are 5 basic shapes: round, square, oval, long, and heart-shaped. Which one are you? Round: Generally a round face has a full cheek and round chin. Long layers instantly lengthen your face. You can also opt for side swept bangs that look great on

Green Kale

Top Five Everyday Superfoods

When you see the term “superfood,” do you imagine jars of mysterious blue-green marine life? Exotic dried herbs or strange, shriveled berries? Dehydrated, pulverized grasses? Sure, the newest health food trends offer nutritional benefits galore. But you don’t need to take up residence in the health food store to benefit from superfoods’ health-enhancing properties. In fact, you likely already have several of nature’s original superfoods, all of which offer the same high-octane nutritional advantages, at home in your refrigerator or pantry right now. Here’s a list of five common superfoods to get you started (and bonus points if you buy organic). 1. Green Leafy Vegetables They don’t call kale “the king of vegetables” for nothing. While all dark green leafys (kale, collards, chard, dandelion, spinach, romaine lettuce) possess similar nutrient profiles, kale boasts the best of the best. Packed with all-important calcium and magnesium for bone health, vitamins (A, K and folate), over 45 different flavonoids, anti-inflammatory properties (preventing chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis) and detoxifying properties, kale is a bona fide superstar. Prepare your greens raw, cooked or blended into other dishes (such as spaghetti sauce). 2. Beans and Legumes These little gems offer one of the most economical–and