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Finding the perfect foundation…for you!

Hello pretties! I have been running around all day preparing for my next shoot,when it suddenly occurred to me,I have more foundation than the local pharmacy!  Now of course this does not seem to be an inconvenience considering my profession,but to be quite honest I have accrued much of this due to trial and error!

We’ve all been there,standing in front of the makeup isle at the pharmacy or beauty supply store,staring for a good 15 minutes before we actually decide which BRAND to focus on. Then we go through a dozen different types of foundations,from anti-aging to skin clearing,to powder and cream and liquid,oh my!   The choices seem endless.  Not to mention we haven’t even reached color matching yet.  The anxiety of it all gives me a slight migraine.

But those days have passed for me.  And today I’m going to try my best to make sure the Foundation Monster hassles you no more! Once you understand your skin and what type of coverage you are looking for the mission is no longer impossible,trust me!

So where do we begin? –  with your skin of course!  First you want to assess your skin type.  You should know whether your skin is dry,oily,combination,or normal.  That way you know if powder,cream,or liquid works for you.

If you’re working with oily skin,then your best bet will be a mineral powder,I recommend Bare Minerals.  They have a large selection of colors so finding your match becomes a little easier.  Not to mention,oily skin sometimes means breakouts and mineral makeup doesn’t clog pores! Sounds like a match to me!

If you’re working with dry skin,liquid foundation is your go to product.  Try Clinique Soft Finish Makeup,it adds moisture to your skin while minimizing fine lines or wrinkles.  You can also try Chanel Teint Fluide Universel,which contains moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients with sun protection! Yay!

Combination and normal skin types actually have it pretty easy!  At least when it comes to deciding what type of foundation works.  You can work with powder,cream or liquid foundations.  My fave is Make Up For Ever HD FoundationThis oil free formula covers imperfections amazingly,while leaving the skin feeling moisturized. LOVE!

Now, that we have the type of foundation that works best with our skin types,lets move on to color matching.  Trust that I understand how frustrating it is when you can not play around with the makeup before you buy it.  That is why when I am trying to color match,I either go to a makeup counter at a department store or my local Sephora or Ulta.  That way I know what works before I leave the store.

Finding you color match depends a lot on your undertone.  Skin undertones can either be cool,warm,or neutral.  To discover which one you are turn your wrist over and examine your veins under natural lighting.  If you veins are blue,then you belong to the cool family.  If they are green or yellow then you belong to warm.  Finally if you find a mix of both then you are considered neutral.

Foundations sometimes state which tone they are made for,usually using a W or C to distinguish between the two.  Find a foundation best matching your tone and using a cotton swab draw a small mark on your jaw line. Don’t be afraid! Use a couple of shades,the one that disappears in the mirror is the winner!  Looking for one that best matches your skin tone and applying it to the jaw line lets you get the closest to the rest of the body. Meaning you avoid that crazy makeup line that horrifies most people!


So there it is.  One on the most common makeup mistakes put to rest! At least I hope

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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