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A Love Affair Begins: How I Fell in Love With Makeup

02-01-12 kids

Where’s the first place a young girl learns about  makeup?

That would be her mother’s vanity cabinet when she’s not looking!

When I was 13,I used to observe how my mother would put on her make-up,when she wasn’t around  I would sneak into her cosmetic stash,prance in front of the mirror,purse my lips and tried to duplicate the magical look that she so effortlessly sported.  She had this air of perfection as she sauntered around the house KNOWING she was flawless.

When I got really bold I would go to school with it on (my mother would leave for work before I went to school) and draw compliments from the boys and queries  from the other girls as to how I applied my makeup.  “ Does your mother know? “ and “ How do you get your cheeks so red?” that would ask.  I’d stand in the middle of the crowd glowing not only from the powder has applied but from a place of appreciation for my new found 15 minutes of fame.

One day I was caught by my mom with a  heavily- made-up face . She came home from work early ,before I could wash off the evidence. I  guess you know what happened next. Ouch!

The only cosmetics my mother would allow me to wear was Chery Chapstick.  On special occasions I was allowed to wear clear cherry lip-gloss over the balm. Maybelline™  Kissing Potion Cherry Smash or Strawberry Swirl gave my lips the “wet “look ,and a  yummy flavor of  berry flavor which led to licking my lips constantly. Of course that meant constant touch-ups!

Ever since then, the world of beauty has been my guilty pleasure.

All of my allowance &my after school job savings  would go for cosmetics and chocolate (my other passion)!

My first real job was with a famous cosmetic company taking orders from existing accounts by phone,fielding questions &matching color swatches. By this time,I was starting to get some freelance work as a make-up artist for weddings,and even scored a photo shoot for a musician’s album cover.

This is how I started a love affair with the beauty world, thanks Mom!


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Santana Jordan
By: Santana Jordan

Around the age of 35ish, Santana Jordan realized that most of the makeup information that was readily available was all geared towards teeny boppers. This makeup artist and esthetician specializes in makeup techniques for the over 30 crowd. You know, those of us that need to hide a wrinkle or two – or ten and don’t want to look like we’re on our way to a rave. When she’s not taking the latest makeup trends and making them grown woman friendly, she is working on the launch of a kid’s clothing line inspired by her daughter, Lana Sofiah.