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Dealing with dandruff

Picture this:  It’s Friday night.  It’s almost time to hit the town and let loose. You’re  dancing in front of your full length mirror to Beyonce’s Freak ‘Em Dress while rocking your  brand new LBD and a mean pair of stilettos.  * SCREECH * What is that white powder on your shoulder?  It’s dandruff, an evil monster from the lowest pits of black dress ruining  H – E – double hockey sticks. I promise there is help. I refuse to allow you to strut out of the house looking like there’s a blizzard falling from your head.

You’re not the only person with dandruff. It’s a very common skin condition, affecting as much as half the population. Both men and women alike suffer from a dry, itchy scalp that sheds dandruff flakes, but dark-haired beauties may be most affected by the affliction since the flakes are more noticeable.

Dandruff is more annoying than it is harmful. If dandruff is bothering you, try a shampoo and conditioner containing zinc pyrithione, an ingredient that helps to moisturize your scalp and normalize skin shedding so flakes will be fewer and further between.  Reduce the amount of product you use in your hair.  Loading your hair with gel, mousse, serum and who know what else can cause buildup in the scalp. Additionally, rinse your hair with warm water, rather than hot. Warm water is known to reduce dandruff production as it is les abrasive on the scalp.

Once your dandruff is under control, feel free to go crazy buy a whole closet full of LBDs  and whip your hair back and forth.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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