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Emphasize your gorgeous lips

Create perfect, shiny, luscious lips with the following technique.

First, take of your favorite concealer that you use to cover up blemishes, and dab some onto your ring finger. Now, apply that concealer all over your lips just like a lipstick. It should be a color that is close to your skin tone. It lightens your lips on application. This helps keep your lipstick on and your lip liner from fading out. Let it dry for about five or ten minutes.

The one thing you want to do before applying the concealer to your lips is to make sure they are moist. The concealer dries your lips some, and if they are dry to begin with, they may become chapped. Take any brand of lip liner in a true red color, and line your lips starting with the Cupid’s bow. That is the lovely fold in the top middle of your lips directly below your nose. Make a V on your Cupid’s bow to begin. Now, use light strokes, and go all the way down your lips. Remember that lip liner is just for the edges of your lips and not the middle.

Go to the middle part of your lower lip, and do the same thing. Use short strokes toward the outside of your lips. Use shorts strokes because one long line usually ends up being crooked. If you mess up at all, you can take some makeup remover on a Q-tip and clean up the line.

It’s time for the lipstick. You will probably have to test out different reds to find the exact one that is right for your complexion. Unfortunately, a lot of true reds have an unflattering, cheap look. You are going for a bright red but not something cheap looking. The best way to do this without breaking the bank is to try out the lipsticks at a department store makeup counter until you find the one you like.

Put on the lipstick up to the lip liner. After you’ve spread the red, you want to make your lips look luscious and moist. Add some shine with a lip gloss. The concealer is going to help keep the lipstick in place when you apply the gloss. Dab the gloss on both lips, but do not smack your lips together afterward. Do the bottom lip, take some more, and do the top.

That’s about it. You should have rich, luscious, full-looking lips.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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