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I got 99 (winter) problems – but my makeup ain’t one

If you’re having winter skin problems, Jay-Z might say, “I feel bad for you, son.” But fortunately for you, I’m not a rapper. I’m here to help – with makeup, of course! Skin problems are common in the winter – between the blotchy redness and dry skin to the paleness and cold air, it can be tempting to overcompensate for bad skin with lots of makeup. Don’t! This will only make matters worse. Here’s what you should do.

-Switch up your skincare routine. If your skin is dry from the winter air or that awful dry heat in your home, make sure you are switching your skincare products to compensate for lost moisture in the air. Use a thick night cream to create a perfectly smooth, flake-free base for your makeup.

-Rid of the red. Even dark skin tones can suffer from blotchy redness in the winter when our skin has less color. Instead of covering the whole thing with heavy foundation, dust powder that has light reflectors in it on the splotches to even out your skin.

-Brighten up. If your face looks dull and pale, you might be tempted to cover it up with a dark foundation and lots of blush. Instead, opt for a lip stain. A little color on your lips brightens up your whole face with far less product. If you need some more color on your cheeks, choose a cheek stain, too – it gives off a more natural-looking flush.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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