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New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 tress trendspotting: Retro hair

New York Fashion week is finally over. Although I love seeing the brand new collections from amazing designers, I’m always equally excited about the new hair trends that debut on the runway. There’s truly an art to choosing the right hairstyle to complement a runway look.  This fashion week we saw an emergence of retro inspired styles.   Here are three that I absolutely adore.

1960s Bouffant – It’s likely that you have never heard of Barbara Tfank, but I’m sure you’ve seen her designs on Grammy superstar Adele and First Lady Michelle Obama.  Yes, the designer produces impeccable garments, but the hair from her Spring 2012 showing at New York Fashion Week was a production of its own.  The models were coiffed with 1960s/Dianna Ross and the Supremes realness.  This look is perfect for you beauties with short and sassy cuts, ideally with a chin to jaw length bob. Just use a large barrel curling iron to curl the full head in voluminous curls.  Make sure you under curl some pieces on one side of your head.  With a large wide tooth comb, rake through the curls only partially. Tuck the hair on the other side behind your ear and feather the flip on the opposite side. Tada.

Pinup Era–   BEBE continued the retro hair trend with its 1950s pinup inspired look.  The show gave  a nod to the Bettie Paige era but adds its own 2012 twist.  Part a deep “v “in the front of your head where you’d like your bang to live.  Roll the bang under and secure it in place with bobby pins.  Take the rest of the hair and backcomb it to achieve a messy, teased look throughout the rest of the ‘do.  There you go, pin up chic with a modern flair.

70s Glamour -My idol, the ever classic/flawless/amazing/ perfectly perfect Carolina Herrera also took her hairdo inspiration straight from the 1970s.  Headbands and high humps were on full display with a 2012 flare.  Take the section on top of your head where you will form your hump and pull it up like you are preparing a top ponytail.  Use a Denman or paddle brush to backcomb your hair until your hump reached its desired height.  Now, you’re ready for the flat iron.  Smooth the hair that will cover the teased portion and strategically cover that  area with said hair.  Add a headband and you’re good to go.

Now it’s your turn. Try out one of these throwback looks and look runway fresh.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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