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Ombre, blonde, brunette? So many decisions

If you are like me, you love playing with different hair colors! Sometimes I go to the salon. But when I just feel like randomly changing my look I’ll just pop into my local beauty supply store and pick a color out and do it myself! Though, I’m a tad bit risky with my hair, I don’t suggest you do that.
While I am on the search for a new hot colors for the season, I also try to keep up with the trends!
Ombre: Ombre is a big hit! You can see this all over the red carpets and ladies with all hair textures are rockin’ it! This is when you have dark roots and your hair gradually gets lighter as it reaches the ends like a gradient. This is very cool. It is very unique way of doing something different and standing out amongst the crowd. Your hair can gradually change to blonde, red, or even a wild hue like purple or blue if you are brave.
Red: Red is always a hot color in my book. There are so many different tones of the color from fiery red to a cherry-cola type of color. With so many colors in between, you are sure to find a shade that goes with you and your personality. Deeper red tones were a hit last year and they are making more headlines in 2012.
Brunette: During the winter, a lot of people tend to go to a darker brunette shade. Browns can range from a sandy brown tone to a dark chocolate hue. Browns pretty much work with any complexion and tend to look very natural on everyone.
Blonde: Wow! Do you not love Rihanna’s new blonde!??! I love it and think it goes so well with her complexion. Blonde is always on trend, you’ll never have to worry about being out of style. When going blonde, make sure it’s a shade of blonde that complements your complexion. If you are nervous about lifting your hair color, but want to give it a try to see if blondes really do have more fun—then opt for highlights just on the top portion of your hair to add a little flavor.
Jet Black:- Black hair is not just for Morticia Adams . I love jet black hair on some women. Black can look so pretty with luscious, healthy hair and tends to make your hair very shiny. It’s not for every complexion though! It can look too harsh on some people. You ladies with warmer skin tones can wear the shade with no problem. If you are have cool undertones or have a really fair complexion look for off black or deep brown.
What colors are you thinking about heading into Spring?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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