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Organizing your makeup brushes

Just because you have a ton of make-up and supplies, doesn’t mean your space needs to be a mess.  When you have tons of make-up it’s hard to stay organized (Trust me, I know).  There are little things you can do to keep your space neat.  One thing I have issues with is my make up brushes – there are just so many of them!  A great way to keep your make up brush collection organized is to keep them in a simple vase like the one shown below.  Fill them with marbles and add a cute ribbon (you can find all of these in your local Walmart, craft store or even a dollar store).

When you have a larger collection of brushes, you may need something bigger than the vase.  You can also buy something like a desktop organizer and also fill them with marbles.  I also found this great tutorial with a similar concept on how to make your own make-up brush holder.

I found this adorable desktop organizer at a Marshall’s Home Goods near me.

Another way to keep your brushes in order is by investing in a brush roll.  I found this cute one on Etsy but you can always get larger, more professional ones from M.A.C Cosmetics.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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