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Prepping your skin for your wedding day

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s wedding season.  Wedding season just happens to excite me more than any birthday or Christmas ever could.  Bridesmaids are trying the find hairstyles and shoes that distract from their 80’s inspired gowns adorned with ruffles and puffy sleeves.  The Maid –of- Honor is massaging the not so amiable ego  of bridezilla herself.  The Groom is begrudgingly writing vows and walking around with a tight face because this future wife insists that he purchase (not rent) his tux. And of course,our star,the Bride is scrambling to look her best for the big day.

What happens when as a  bride you find yourself at 30 days – 14 days or even a week  before you jump the broom,and you wake wanting to scotch tape your facial skin back to its former glory?  Or,you’re confronted with breakouts of mammoth proportions.

90 days before –   See your dermatologists. Inform them of your wedding date and allow them to give  you a comprehensive plan.  They may recommend treatments for acne or even a skin peel.  You want to have enough time to employ and benefit from any treatments that your dermatologist suggests. Depending on the type of treatment,it may take from 3 weeks to 3 months to get optimal results. Plan accordingly.

30 days before– Make sure you have the basic skincare program covered. If you are reading this,you obviously you care about your skin health,therefore I KNOW that you already have a regimented three – step process in place.   If you do not,implement one now. Begin with a good cleanser to wash away any make up and additional dirt and residue from your day.  Step two is to apply a toner to help unclog pores and balance your pH.  The final step in the most basic skincare routine is to use a moisturizer.  There are different skin types so make sure you get one that is right for your type. Mature brides should get a moisturizer that  is specifically used for anti aging properties. To get the best,quickest and longest lasting results,  employ the use of one or a combination of the following ingredients:  Retinol,  Hyaluronic Acid,Matrixyl –3000 and Argeriline.  Exfoliate using a microdermabrasion with small scrubbing beads 2-3 times weekly to remove dead skin cells and make your skin glow .  The last thing you want is the look washed out and dull in wedding photos. Choose moisturizers that have at least a 15 SPF.  Marriage doesn’t matter if your life is cut short by skin cancer.

7 days before – Pamper your skin.  Get a facial. Skin massage Make sure you get loads or rest so that you don’t look like you went 12 rounds in the ring with Laila Ali before your big night. Use an under eye cream to help reduce puffiness and dark circles ( unless you plan on wearing your veil through the entire  reception,too. If that’s how you roll,I don’t judge)

Day before – Scrub your lips. You don’t want to pucker up and have your new life partner kissing lips that feel like tree bark. Honestly,it’s inconsiderate on your part and downright rude. This should be one of the most amazing lingering kisses of your life. Cutting your groom’s lips is NOT the way you want to start off your marriage.  Remember,lips are skin and tissue,they need to be exfoliated and hydrated just like the rest of the body.  Don’t treat them like an afterthought.  One of my favorites lip scrubs is Sugar Lip treatment with SPF ( Sephora $22.5)  Or you can use a good old home remedy.  Mix a ½ teaspoon of virgin olive oil with a quarter teaspoon of granulated sugar. Rub on lips with finger and gently blush with a soft bristled tooth brush.  This will leave lips smooth,soft ,and keep them off the lethal weapon list.

Day of – Relax. Take in every part of this day. You deserve it.

Forever and a day–  Enjoy your  wedded bliss. The best thing for your skin is happiness. You don’t want to look back and only  have glimpse of memories of this time.

Name your first or next born after me. 

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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