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Preventing adult acne

Once we reach a certain age our skin care priorities begin to change. The soft and flawless skin that we had in our twenties begins to show creases and signs of sagging. Feverishly,we run to our chosen cosmetic counter and search for fountains of youth. But what happens when our skin care woes re not a result of aging but adult acne. EEKKK!! No one wants to deal with breakouts in adulthood.  Here are a few overlooked tips that everyone should follow to reduce the onset of adult acne breakouts.

Exercise regularly– A proper exercise routine is a great way to get adult acne breakouts under control.  Vigorous activity increases circulation,thus allowing oxygen to flow more freely through the internal organs. This increased oxygen flow assists in flushing toxins from your body,in turn reducing,breakouts. Exercise also offers you the ability to produce sweat. Despite popular belief,sweat can be good for your skin. The sweat that is produced during workouts cleanses your pores as it releases from your body. Failing to produce sweat regularly can actually cause dirt,oil and bacteria to remain built- up in your pores,leading to inflammation and acneic breakouts. Just remember to cleanse your face thoroughly once your workout is over as to not exacerbate the breakouts that you are trying to prevent.

Change your pillowcases –Changing your bed’s linens at least 3 times a week can be a good step to making sure that you are preventing acneic breakouts .  Bed linens,particularly pillow cases,come in contact with your face more than any other surface.  It should be second nature to exercise extra caution with something that comes so close to your face. However,many are not diligent in changing their bedding in turn fostering breeding ground for blemishes. Skin cells shed as you sleep – likely more than they do with a good exfoliation. Additionally sweat,oil,dust and dirt  oil on  sheets and pillowcases,and dust and dirt also can lead to your face breaking out with pimples.

Wash your face LESS Yes,LESS!  Acne is not caused by dirt,so washing frequently with harsh substances such as alcohol-based products won’t solve or prevent the problem. Nor will excessive scrubbing or exfoliating. In fact,it may make the situation worse by prompting excess oil production and more blemishes. Care for your facial skin by washing gently a cleanser no more than twice a day,anything more than that can leave your healthy skin dry,and your acne-prone areas irritated. We recommend Hydroxatone™ Gently Milky Cleanser as it contains hydrating agents and soothing botanicals to for a non-irratating cleansing To avoid irritating or inflaming your skin,pat –rather than rub —it dry with a soft towel.   It’s okay to exfoliate. In fact,it’s essential for maintaining healthy skin. .However,be sure to gently exfoliate using a cream with small,smooth grains like Hydroxatone™ Revitalizing Microdermabrasion. Avoid products with large fragments as they tear and inflame your skin,further aggravating your acneic breakouts.

Know when your make-up expires– Make- up has an implied expiration date,if you will.  As time passes by,makeup gathers dust and can grow bacteria without your knowing,and now you’re applying different bacteria to your face. As many make-up manufactures do not provide expiration dates on their packaging,simply by keep track of how long you’ve owned a certain product and you can avoid inundating your face with germs that can lead to harsh breakouts. Follow these guidelines.  Foundation can last up to 2 years depending on whether it is water or oil based. Generally,the rule is throw  out any foundation that is more than a year old because you don’t want to risk having bacteria grow in your  old makeup. Eyeshadow and blush can last up to years depending on how often you use them.  Even if they are not used as much,take precaution before you put them on. Every few months,put a piece of tape on top of the eyeshadow or and pull it off to remove any dirt that has accumulated. That leads us to …

Clean your make up brushes regularly– Dirty make up brushes are one of the main causes of breakouts in adult women as they accumulate all the oils from your face and the dirt from the air. It is imperative for the clarity of your skin to ensure that you make a habit of cleaning your brushes regularly. Doing so not only ensures that your make-up remains uncontaminated,but it prevents the transfer of the prior day’s bacteria to your freshly cleansed skin. Between uses simply run the brushes under a steady stream if water until the stream runs clear. Lay the brushes on a clean paper towel to dry. For a deeper cleaning,wet the bristles of the brush with warm water. Add a drop of a facial cleanser (your daily face wash will be sufficient) to the brush head and gently rub the bristles between your fingers to work up a lather. Rinse and squeeze out water from the base of the bristles toward the tips to help reshape. For best result,repeat this process every 2 weeks.

Keep your telephone clean – Many of us have out cell phones virtually attached to our faces at all times. If you find that you get breakouts on the same side which you normally hold your phone,it could be an indication that you are transferring the bacteria from your phone to your face.  To avoid complications from cell phone use,clean your phone every other day with alcohol. Pay special attention to the portion of the phone that you keep pressed against your cheek. An alternative to constantly cleaning your phone is to invest in a head set or a blue tooth so that you are coming in contact with a contaminated surface.

Use washcloth etiquette –If you use a washcloth on your face there are a few things to consider in order preventing breakouts. Stay away from colored cloths. The dyes used to color them can transfer residue to your face causing irritation and inflammation.  When possible opt for facial cleansing towelettes . They are one time use and can be easily discarded after use. An inexpensive option is Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes —Oil Free ($6.99)

Take up yoga –Who knew the salutation to the sun or downward dog helped with reduce the onset of breakout? Because much of adult acne is caused by stress,it would be beneficial to keep your stress to minimum. When you become tense,your adrenal glands go to work,flooding your bloodstream with the hormones. This triggers the glands in your face to produce more oil,resulting in inflammation and impending blemishes. Put a de- stressing activity ,like yoga or meditation,into your daily routine to prevent those stress pimples.

Some memories from high school should stay just that:memories. This is the case with acne. Implementing some of these tips into your life can truly assist you in the reduction of acne breakouts.

If you continue to have regular breakouts that are not reduced by proper skincare and lifestyle adjustments,you should see a dermatologist for further assistance. There may be some internal issues that you are facing that could be corrected  with the help of a medical professional.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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