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Shine on

Shine on

Dull, frizzy, lackluster locks got you down? Even if your natural hair is less than shimmery, you don't have to resign yourself to a life of mousy tresses. Follow these tips and you'll be flaunting a shiny, healthy mane in no time.

1. Shake up your shampoo routine. Cleaning your hair too often and too vigorously can rob it of the natural oils that keep it shiny and healthy looking. Instead of washing your hair each morning, try every other day. It may feel a bit greasy at first, but once your body returns to its natural balance, you'll notice that your tresses are actually healthier and better looking than ever before.

2. Condition yourself to condition more. If you really want hair that shines with all its might, don't skip the conditioner! Apply a generous amount to the tips of your hair (not the roots, where natural oils can do the job). Allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing it clean.

3. Beat the heat with product. If you blowdry, flat iron, curl or otherwise mold your hair into perfection with heat, make sure you pick up a spray or serum designed to help protect your hair from the tools that make it beautiful. Many of these products will also add gloss, so don't skimp when it comes to applying them!

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Dahlia Moon
By: Dahlia Moon

Dahlia Moon is the quintessential Philly girl. Her obsessions include Geno’s cheese steaks, the Rocky statue and of course Phillies baseball. Her grandmother once told her that “your hair is your crowning glory.” From that point on she made sure that her ‘do was always done. Mostly because all she heard was the crown part and she thought her grandma was calling her a princess. When that dream didn’t actually come to fruition, she made it her business to educate other women in keeping their “crowning glory” impeccably coiffed. Her mission now is to keep women “in the know” regarding the latest and greatest hair trends, because every woman should feel like a princess.