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The Right Way to Shampoo

Woman Washing Her Hair Under an Outdoors Shower

You think you know what you're doing in the shower, right? After all, you've been doing this your whole life – and how hard can it really be to apply some soap and bath products? As it turns out, lots of women aren't getting the most out of their haircare routines because they don't know how to properly apply shampoo and conditioner. Do you?

It may seem like gathering your hair up and smothering the whole thing in a bubbly lather of shampoo is a great way to get clean (at least the commercials would have us believe so!). However, experts actually discourage this common practice – it can tangle your hair and won't actually clean your roots as thoroughly as you need.

Instead, rub a dollop of shampoo between your hands and use your fingernails to get it deep into your scalp. Don’t worry about the ends of your hair – they'll get cleaned when you rinse it out. Once you're sure that the top of your head is completely lathered, rinse under the showerhead until the water runs clear, with no bubbles. This will ensure that you don't wind up with shampoo residue and a greasy film when you step out of the tub.

As for conditioner, use the opposite technique. The roots of your hair, nearest your scalp, are naturally conditioned by oils that your skin produces. That means there's no need to apply product there. Instead, put conditioner on the tips of your tresses and let it sit while you wash your body. Rinse clean, and congratulate yourself – you may have just had your first proper hair washing!

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Dahlia Moon
By: Dahlia Moon

Dahlia Moon is the quintessential Philly girl. Her obsessions include Geno’s cheese steaks, the Rocky statue and of course Phillies baseball. Her grandmother once told her that “your hair is your crowning glory.” From that point on she made sure that her ‘do was always done. Mostly because all she heard was the crown part and she thought her grandma was calling her a princess. When that dream didn’t actually come to fruition, she made it her business to educate other women in keeping their “crowning glory” impeccably coiffed. Her mission now is to keep women “in the know” regarding the latest and greatest hair trends, because every woman should feel like a princess.