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Toner: Do I really need it?

All the experts say skincare is a three step process. Step one: Cleanse. Step two: Tone. Step three:  Moisturize. We all understand that skin needs to be cleaned and hydrated.  But, why the middle man? Sure, toners are nice and they can certainly feel amazing on a freshly cleansed face, but is it worth the trouble of applying on a daily basis? Here’s what you need to know.

Toner is designed to eliminate oil, tighten pores and prep skin for absorbing other products. Originally, almost all toners were alcohol-based, which made them effective (and somewhat necessary) for combating oily skin but pretty drying and unnecessary for all other skin types.

The good news is nowadays, you can find plenty of non-alcohol based toners that meet the individual needs of skin types far and wide. Those with oily skin can still reap substantial benefits from traditional toners (hint: look for those that include alpha or beta hydroxy acids to help unclog pores). Meanwhile, women with normal to dry skin should look for a variety that moisturizes and replenishes their skin (rather than takes stuff away). These typically contain no alcohol and include moisture-locking ingredients like glycerine. Those with especially sensitive skin should consider a facial spray with calming ingredients such as aloe, selenium or tea tree water.

All in all, toner has made leaps and bounds in adapting to women’s individual needs and can now act as a majorly beneficial (and recommended) part of your daily beauty routine.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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