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What TO Wear: The gray streak and how to rock it

More women are embracing their gray streak.

Bonnie Raitt's performance of Etta James's "Sunday Kind of Love" with Alicia Keys at the 54th Grammy Awards was gorgeous, but we couldn't take our eyes off the stunning white streak that graced her signature ginger locks.

Stacy London from TLC's "What Not To Wear" has been rocking a gray strand in her deep chestnut locks for years, and our favorite red-headed singer seems to be doing the same. Do we notice a trend taking place? Of course, while gray hair is natural, its appearance may incite in many women the need to constantly return to the salon to keep such strands hidden. However, it looks as though more ladies may be opening up to the idea of wearing their gray strands proudly.

It turns out there's also somewhat of an interesting science behind this daring hair fad. The development of one streak of white or gray hair is actually medically referred to as poliosis in some cases, according to U-T San Diego. It occurs most often along the forehead, and can happen any time in life. This explains why London developed her gray streak as a child.

Whether your hair is naturally gray, you've developed some streaks in the front or you simply want to get in on this fashion-forward look, the question remains the same: how to rock this emerging trend without looking like Lily Munster. Here are some tips to consider.

Redheads: If you have red, light brown or auburn hair, you may want to take a note out of Raitt's style book and allow your white streak to softly fade into blonde toward the tips. Choose a strawberry blonde hue for a more conservative take on the trend, or a platinum color if you're looking to get a little daring.

Brunettes: Channeling London, dark-haired beauties may opt for a thinner streak in a deeper shade of gray for a bit less contrast. With deep brunettes or women with black hair, a streak of white tends to be dramatic and can look skunky. Instead, choose a shade of gray and play with the size of the streak for drama.

Blondes: Even the lightest of blondes can work this trend into their tresses. Shades of gray can be added to hair color similar to highlights, with just a few streaks to frame your face and add luminescence to your light locks. If gray doesn't work for you, why not consider choosing a bluish shade that will contrast with the rest of your golden-hued 'do?

It takes a daring woman to make such a statement, but it's also a sign of confidence in your life and a great way to showcase your unique personality. I believe that Raitt is one of the stronger, more inspiring women out there, and as long as you can channel this inner confidence, the look is sure to be a hit on you, too. 

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Dahlia Moon
By: Dahlia Moon

Dahlia Moon is the quintessential Philly girl. Her obsessions include Geno’s cheese steaks, the Rocky statue and of course Phillies baseball. Her grandmother once told her that “your hair is your crowning glory.” From that point on she made sure that her ‘do was always done. Mostly because all she heard was the crown part and she thought her grandma was calling her a princess. When that dream didn’t actually come to fruition, she made it her business to educate other women in keeping their “crowning glory” impeccably coiffed. Her mission now is to keep women “in the know” regarding the latest and greatest hair trends, because every woman should feel like a princess.