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Who buys sunscreen these days?

Conventional beauty wisdom says to always wear sunscreen on your face, even when you think the sun can't see you (conventional beauty wisdom happens to be correct, by the way). But with the constant creation of new SPF-containing beauty products, some of you may be left wondering whether it even makes sense these days to invest in a bottle of old-fashioned Gold Bond. If you're wearing SPF foundation, protected by your sun-deflecting chapstick and wearing a UVA/UVB moisturizer, you should be covered, right?

It turns out you may have a point – adding greasy sunscreen to your visage in the winter may be overdoing it. The trick is to just be sure you're getting complete coverage – if you only wear foundation on certain trouble spots, consider using an SPF moisturizer instead, which you can then apply all over your face (and on your neck).

In the summertime of course, all of that changes. Even the best sun-buffered makeup won't cut it in balmy weather. If you don't like the greasy feel, look for a lightweight sunscreen or SPF mist that will absorb into your skin with no oily residue.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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