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Why I hate Zumba

Fitness dance

Zumba is the hot group fitness trend right now. Zumba is like a Latin dance party that works your core, gets your heart rate up and is supposed to be sexy fun. It sounds pretty great right? Show up at the gym, enjoy some dance-y music and boom, workout done. Everybody and their Aunt Betty is getting certified to teach Zumba classes. Every gym offers Zumba. There are Zumba DVDs, even Zumba conferences and meet ups. I’ve even seen “Live Music” Zumba events with a live Latin band playing your workout tunes.

That’s great, I get it, and I hate Zumba.

Here’s the thing – I don’t really like to dance. Well, let’s get real about that, I don’t like to dance if there isn’t a fruity cocktail and Mr. McDreamy involved. After a long day, I really don’t want to be stuck in a room of wall-to-wall mirrors getting sweaty with 30 of my “BFF” and gym “Frenemies” feeling all awkward and uncoordinated.

I much prefer to pound out a run, where it’s just me, my thoughts and the pavement. On a run, I can work out what’s going on in my life. I write stuff in my head. I have fake conversations with the guy who stood me up and tell him exactly what’s so. I can run at my own pace. I can run anytime I want. All I need is my music and my sneakers.

For some people, the idea of being alone with your thoughts for an hour is tedious and often terrifying.

For others, the thought of complicated dance steps and falling over your own feet in front of strangers is tedious and terrifying.

And here you find the first key to creating a fitness lifestyle – KNOW THY SELF.

If you want to create a fitness lifestyle for yourself, stop trying to make yourself fit into the latest fitness trend. Instead, make the trend work for you. Know who you are, what you like and what your life actually supports.

Choose Group Fitness classes if:

  • you enjoy the social aspect.
  • you need to feel like you’re not ‘really’ working out.
  • the class schedule works for your life.
  • you need someone to push you to work a bit harder.
  • you like variety and trying new things.

Choose running, cycling or other self-directed fitness activities if:

  • you need more flexibility in your schedule.
  • you enjoy solo time.
  • you can stick to a program.
  • you know how to push yourself one step further.

Group fitness classes are GREAT. Running is GREAT. Choose what’s going to inspire you and fit into your life. And then DO IT (that’s the second key, by the way).

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By: Amy Nowacoski

Amy has a crazy Fat Girl that lives in her head. She started running when she was 275 pounds and went on to lose 80 pounds. She is the creative voice behind Fat Girls CAN Run, exploring the idea that “Impossible is just a typo”. Amy is an advocate for falling in love with fitness and ending the “I can’t” conversation. Amy is reinventing herself as an athlete and as such, is currently training for a marathon and a triathlon-- all the while freaking out about having to wear a wetsuit in public. Amy will be presenting about fitness blogging at Fitbloggin’12 in September. With new adventures always on the horizon, Amy is developing additional online fitness resources such as, -- a virtual way to create your fitness life--as well as exploring martial arts and of course, continuing to run her pants off.