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Winter cuticle rescue 101

Your cuticles are dry and cracked, you can’t seem to stop peeling the skin around your nails and a friendlier climate is nowhere in sight. We hate to break it to you, but those nail beds aren’t just going to repair themselves. Winter calls for special measures when it comes to skincare, and when it comes to cuticles, there’s no such thing as too much moisture.

Here are a few methods you can try to put the “cute” back in “cuticles” this winter.

• Vitamin E oil. Similar to how you can purchase gel capsules and apply them topically to any areas of your skin in desperate need of help, you can use this treatment on your nail beds as well. Vitamin E boosts cell turnover – the skincare equivalent of the way an exfoliant works on your facial skin.

• Olive oil. Yep, this cure-all miracle fix is even good with nails, too. A lot of women swear by olive oil for massaging the cuticles prior to pushing them back with an orange stick.

• Shea butter. When selecting a pot of cuticle cream to add to your winter skincare collection, look for these two magic words. Shea butter is the magic ingredient in many commercial cuticle products, and its nourishing properties will have your nail beds back to good health in no time.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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