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Your extreme winter sports skincare checklist

Skiis? Check. Extra wind-resistant parka? Check. That thick wool hat your best friend knitted you before she left for California? Check. Are you missing anything? You betcha.

Winter's harsh on the skin, but at no other time is this more apparent than when you're zipping down the black diamond at top speed with the cold wind blasting against your soft, vulnerable face. There's a reason why winter sports enthusiasts talk about skincare so much, so next time you pack up your belongings for a trip to Aspen, take an inventory of your skincare products and make sure you're covered when it comes to these essentials.

Moisturizer (but not just any moisturizer): Your face will be the only part of your skin that's directly exposed to the elements, even if you've got a ski mask on. That being said, the lotion you choose for your mug is extremely important. Look for products that were developed by athletes or were designed for extreme winter sports. Many skiiers love wax-based products, but if you've searched every bunny slope far and wide and can't seem to find anything that matches these specs, a good rule of thumb is to opt for ultra-rich formulas that might even feel a bit too heavy under normal conditions.

Heavy-duty chapstick: Have mercy on your lips! The skin on your pout is even more delicate than the skin on your face, and this is something that's all too easy to overlook. Slope-ready lips will be decked out in SPF30 chapstick, preferably with some lush ingredients like shea butter to keep them nice and slick.

Sunscreen (yes, in the winter): If you thought you'd packed your sunscreen away for a warmer season, think again. Like evil, UV rays do not rest, and they'll be going after your skin on the slopes, too. And don't assume that a winter sun is any less than a summer sun – if anything, it's better to go overboard in a snowy climate because the snow reflects UV rays. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection, and go ahead and reach for the SPF 50+.

Recovery potion: Even after taking all the right steps, your skin will probably be crying for some apres-ski attention. Much like when you slather aloe gel onto beach-battered skin, you'll want a similarly soothing experience for your skin once you've packed up for the day. Look for an after-sun treatment with a cream-based texture to soothe any redness as well as zap the moisture back into your skin.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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