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Three ways to rock a red lip and brighten your day

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I’m a big believer in using makeup to brighten an otherwise blah day. When I’m feeling kinda eh about my looks, my job, or even the weather, sometimes I just need a little glamour in my life. And what is more glamorous than a classic red lip?

But not all red lips are created equal. Here are three different moods you can create with a simple swipe of red lipstick.

Powerful. I wear red lipstick when I want to feel independent and in charge of my life. Surprisingly, this isn’t at the office. If I’m feeling less-than-confident, I reach for the red lipstick. I don’t need heels or a suit to complement it; I rock my red lips with jeans, a white T-shirt, and pretty ponytail. Whether I need to stand up to a friend who is upsetting me or simply tell the barista at Starbucks she got my order wrong, I feel like a badass with my red lips.

Sexy. I don’t wear red lipstick when I have a hot date; I wear it when I wish I had a hot date. Red lips scream sex appeal. But rather than going for overtly sexy (glossy red lips, high heels, a black lace dress) I love matte red lips with a tomboyish look, like skinny jeans and a boyfriend cardigan.

Funny. How are red lips funny? Think “I Love Lucy.” Her red hair and red lips were so over the top, yet were part of her signature look. Lucy Ricardo was a hilarious housewife whose red lips still looked perfect no matter what kind of situation she found herself in. I feel lighthearted and funny when I wear red lips with a retro dress. It looks so prim at first glance that actually it makes me feel extra outgoing and silly.

Do you wear red lipstick to brighten your mood? How do you wear it?

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Rachel Wilkerson
By: Rachel Wilkerson

Rachel Wilkerson writes the blog The Life & Lessons of Rachel Wilkerson, where she covers those "getting it" moments when a light bulb goes off and suddenly everything makes sense. Whether it's a new way to get motivated to work out or the new gadget she never knew she always wanted, she loves sharing her lessons with other people in a straight-up, no-BS kinda way. Her work has been featured on and she is a panelist for U by Kotex's Real Answers. When she's not writing, downward dogging, drinking tequila, or writing about downward dogging and drinking tequila, she works full-time as a community manager for a hip little online entertainment company in Houston. She and her boyfriend recently bought a juicer and are officially addicted.