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Beginner’s guide to facials

Indulging in the occasional spa treatment is a frequent weakness of mine and I have to confess that I am guilty of finding any excuse to visit my local day spa for some indulgent personal time.   I especially love a full and luxurious European facial.  Who doesn’t enjoy 45-60 minutes of deep cleansing, warm steam, exfoliation and decollete massage ?   If you have never experienced a facial then I highly recommend that you promptly contact a day spa near you and schedule an appointment with an esthetician.

For  us skin-thusiasts who have made the trip to the facial room a time or two the burning question remains, “How many facials should I get this month?” As wonderful and unforgettable that a facial can be, getting one once or twice a month should suffice. Unless of course you’re Jennifer Aniston and you can afford the time and money to visit a stylishly zen facial room every other day, otherwise it can become time consuming and very expensive.

Facials are detoxifying  and deep cleansing sessions and are meant to be maintained with a diligent at home skincare regime. Your personalized skincare routine should be mapped out with a visit to your esthetician and or dermatologist.  Be aware that as many different day spas that there are in your neighborhood, there are also just as many options for types of facials.

We all know how intimidating it can be staring at an intricate  menu of services sprawling across the reception desk as we step into the front door but if this is your very first visit to the spa.  My suggestion–  ask for the European facial. It is the longest time wise and usually the most expensive of the skin services but is THE BEST..  If you have acneic skin, hyper sensitive skin or have eczema or rosacea there are acne facials and specialized treatment facials.

The list can go on and on but you will be able to decipher all of the madness soon enough with regular visits.  This may all seem  scary at first glance but its really just a soothing and relaxing hour or so in the trusted hands of a skin practitioner.

If you want to attain your most beautiful skin ever then gift yourself with a trip to the spa but no more than once or twice a month! Then get to work on keeping that “luminous just left the spa after glow” with a prescribed skin regime.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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