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Defy your age with a fresh new haircut

We've all heard of anti-aging skin products, but your hairstyle hair can trim years off your age, too. Certain cuts can go a long way in flattering your best features. Consider one of these cuts for a fresh new start this spring – you might not even get carded the next time you go to purchase your favorite bottle of wine.

A classic bob. Having a chin-grazing cut is almost like an instant facelift. When your hair hits at your jaw and is angled backward, it creates an illusion of lifted cheekbones and a higher jaw. Need proof? Look at the likes of Diane Sawyer or Katie Holmes – gorgeous women with an ever-youthful glow!

At the salon: Ask your hair stylist for an angled bob that grazes your jaw and gets shorter toward the back, but no shorter than your hairline at the nape of your neck. If you have thicker hair, ask for soft layers throughout, but if your hair is thin, it might be best to keep the edges cut in a straight line.

Choppy, chunky layers. Layers create volume, even if your hair is thinner than it used to be. Long hair tends to drag your face down and can lie flat on your scalp, while choppy layers throughout disguise thinness and add fullness to your face.

At the salon: Ask for short, shaggy layers, with certain pieces that are especially defined. If your hair is thicker, go for chunkier pieces. Celebrity hairstylist Jessica Gillin of Marie Robinson Salon in New York City told Good Housekeeping Magazine that women should beware of the wrong ratio of lengths with this cut.

"If the layers are too short on the sides and too long in the back, the cut will look dated," she warns. Avoid this by keeping the overall length proportional and pretty much the same all around your head.

Soft bangs. Not only are bangs an instant update to any hairstyle, they are one of the best ways to hide forehead wrinkles. Plus, when they are side-swept, they draw attention to your cheekbones. Gillin said this widens your face, giving you that full baby-faced look.

At the salon: Stylist lingo for this look is "swoop bang." Use the words "wispy" and "soft" when discussing this cut with your hairstylist, and make sure to say you want the bangs long enough to be pushed off to the side.

You should also avoid using sticky products and try to let your natural texture shine through as often as possible – natural beauty trumps all!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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